Thursday, February 21, 2013

Syrian Opposition Seeks Qatar Backing for Transition Government

            For my post, I reviewed a recent article and news story about how Qatar is working with Syria's opposition forces to promise financial aid while the opposition coalition forms a transitional government in a deteriorating Syria.  Qatar has been giving support to Syria since all the trouble in the country began and now leaders from the rebel groups are traveling to Qatar from Syria to try to get large amounts of financial help from the Emir (Leader of Qatar), who is very generous with his support.  The problem is that many fear a transitional government is not yet possible or ready and the effort is not helped at all by the Muslim Brotherhood, but the problem is if there is not a transitional government formed soon any eventual government is the country will be paralyzed and never fully recover. 

         The reason that the brotherhood and others that are in position of a transitional government is they believe it is not viable or safe without the necessary aide, support, security, and agreement from the international community and everyone involved in the rebel group.  But overall, things are headed in the right direction because Qatar has offered to help the crippled country and if the necessary financial necessities are acquired then the government in Syria can get back on its feet and start rebuilding its infrastructure,  The reason why we should care about this issue is because Syria is one of many countries in the middle east right now that is in trouble and whose government is making dramatic changes. 

            If Qatar helps Syria financially and physically get a transitional government started  which could eventually evolve into fully independent and secure government again, then the worry of collapse, war, takeover, or more casualties is gone.  The international community does care about these middle eastern and African countries like Egypt, Libya, and Mali as we care about them to because if these countries were to collapse from failure to reform government it could spread to other areas causing disasters in other governments and affecting the global security and commerce.  Using theories from class, the outcome of all of this could be that the Emir of Qatar give the aide and support to Syria's opposition groups which then in turn create a stable transitional government that can keep control and order of the country with all that has happened recently until a new stable government. 

            If Qatar, which is a very wealthy and powerful country does not give Syria the help that is desperately needs, than I don't see any other country who is in a position to help and therefore more violence and possibly eventual complete collapse would occur in Syria.  The Emir in Qatar, should most definitely give the opposition group financial help and possibly military help so that the opposition coalition in Syria has a chance to rebuild.  The opposition group are the policy makers if they create a new government and they should do whatever they can to garner support from the Emir of Qatar.

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  1. Very interesting article. It's nice to see that maybe some progressive support can be given to the opposition group in Syria. How effective this support will be is unknown at the present. The rebels will need significant financial and military support if the Syrian conflict, that has already killed over 70,000, is to conclude peacefully.