Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Helpful Sources

The main focus of the blogging assignment is to make sure we all keep abreast of current affairs in the Middle East & North Africa region as a way of testing the theories learned in class. The information and analysis provided on this blog will be useful for each of us when completing the risk analysis assignment. In order to sift through the vast amount of resources available online, I provide a few sources that each student can use for their blog posts.
News Sources 

The reporting on the Middle East & North Africa region can often be quite contentious. With that in mind, I believe that these sources have much to recommend. They provide a unique view, while also providing in-depth reports that have strong primary sources.

Al-Jazeera Engligh
Christian Science Monitor: Middle East
Foreign Policy: Email Newsletters
Foreign Policy: The Middle East Channel
The Guardian
The Daily Star (Lebanon)

Academic Resources 

Pomeps is a strong resource for academic analysis on the MENA uprisings. It is regularly updated with new publications and working papers that could be useful in understanding political events in your country

Project on Middle East Political Science

Twitter Accounts 

One of the best ways to keep abreast of breaking news is to follow various commentators and scholars on Twitter. Here are three to get you started. They are prolific tweeters, providing analysis and links throughout the day.


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