Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Unique Situation of Western Sahara

In preparation for the map quiz on Friday February 1st, a few of you have asked about the situation in Western Sahara and why it is classified as being an occupied territory. We do not have a dedicated week to examine politics in Western Sahara, so I want to direct your attention to an article published last year in one of The Economist's blogs about the current stalemate in the region. The article does not offer much in the way of new information, but does a good job of summarizing the issue.

Blogging Assignment Introduction

Blogging Assignment for PSCI 3062

Welcome to the class blog for PSCI 3062: Revolutions and Political Violence!

A significant part of your grade this semester comes from writing and commenting on a class blog. Each student will be charged with providing two specific blog posts during the semester. To ensure we don’t all post at the same time, we will have a sign-up for these blog posts. The purpose of the blog is for everyone to keep up on current events in the Middle East & North Africa, while also providing a forum for you to engage the readings and concepts presented in class in greater depth. Here are some specifics about how to ensure you blog posts receive high marks from the class.