Monday, February 25, 2013

A State in Chaos

Two years after their initial protest, the Bahraini people have taken to the streets once more. As expected, they were met with a firm resistance from the government.  Again, Bahrain is in the midst of civil unrest, political violence and an unclear future ahead of them.Why are these protests happening? What do the protestors wish to get out of these demonstrations? Well, the Shiite Muslim majority feels although they have been discriminated against in terms of employment and pure inequality.  The corruption and unjust ruling of the Monarchy has gone on too long and the people of Bahrain are demanding a real change.  They are asking for a constitutional reform in form of a legitimate democracy with equal representation, naturalization and an end to the corruption. This second major revolt is important to look at because it displays many of the theories behind a civil conflict. There is a clear ethnic divide where one ethnic group, the Sunnis, is oppressing another, the Shiite. Through this oppression, the Shiites are excluded from participating in ruling the country even though they have a 60% majority of the countries population. Furthermore, there was a previous conflict in 2011.  All of these dynamics of the country enhance the probability of rebellion, and as we have seen another major civil conflict is occurring.
The results of the 2013 anniversary protests are similar to the results of 2011. Major clashes between the opposition parties and the security forces have the streets of Bahrain in chaos. Again, due to Saudi Arabia’s interest in the region, they have stepped in to reinforce the Monarchy’s power.  It has become clear that protests, peaceful or violent, is not working in Bahrain as it did for other nations. An alternative strategy needs to take place for the betterment of both sides.

Although it seems unlikely, negotiations between opposing sides needs to occur. “Sensible people in Bahrain know that the only way out of this is negotiation.” A national dialog has begun, with the goals needing to be a more power sharing system. This dialog has yet to be proven effective, but only time will tell if Bahrain takes the necessary steps to lead it’s country out of turmoil.

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