Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Israel Takes Hit From Forces In Gaza

February 26, 2013

            A rocket shot from Gaza penetrates Israeli soil.  This put to rest a 3 month ceasefire agreement that had been in place between Hamas and Israel.  Even though this agreement had been trickling down Since Israeli forces had been firing upon the Palestinians.  The agreement between The Hamas, which is an Islamist group, which primarily owns the Gaza strip, and Israel began on November 21st, 2012 after Israeli operations. 
The anger between the Hamas and Israel had its biggest escalation in November when the Israeli operation attacked 177 Palestinians in which 100 were civilians (  Israel targeted many buildings in aims of hitting the Hamas.

Israel is criticized for its brutish force used against the Gaza Strip in those attacks.  This angers people and fingers get pointed at the UN for backing Israel or letting Israel settle the problem itself using as much force needed against the Gaza Strip.
Palestinians mourn death after Israel Operations (Nov 17, 2012)
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Hamas intentions through fighting with Israel have never been to win with military force but to make a political statement for the Palestinians of the territory.
The Hamas were involved with the rocket attack on Tuesday morning.  The Rocket landed on the border of Israel in a city called Ashkelon.  The rocket caused little damage and nobody was hurt in the action.
The Palestinian group was behind the launching of the rocket into Israel territory.  Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah took full responsibility for the attack and responded by saying it was in retaliation of a member dying in Israel’s jail.  Arafat Jaradat was the man that died under custody of the Israeli police.  He was being interrogated for throwing rocks back in November of 2012 during the operations of Israel.  The Shin Bet internal security services held him under the provision that he was a “stone-throwing terror attack” Also forensics showed that Jaradat had broken ribs and bruising indicating signs of torture.  When this made news in the West Bank it angered people, which began protests on the streets. 
Border Crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip has currently been shut down in response to the rocket attacks as the Palestinians continue to avenge their lost hero.
Tsafrir Abayov/Associated Press

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  1. It's truly interesting to see the bias on this conflict from both the Israeli and Palestine view. Israel stated the man they took into custody was a "Stone-throwing terrorist", while I'm sure anti-semetic views continue to plague Palestine. Although Israel and Palestine have come along way since the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993, it seems that tensions will continue long into the future.

  2. From previous political science classes, cease fires do not truly mean anything in terms of negotiations. They are primarily used for reconsolidating in order to continue the fight, not find a peace agreement. I agree with Josh, fighting will only continue in that region.

  3. I agree with both Josh and Soma, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has gone on for so long, with a constant back and forth with one another it's hard to see a resolution in the near future. There have been many forms of proposed peace negotiations between the two parties, from the Oslo Accords, the Camp David Summit, and other various proposals all reverting back to violence and even greater tension. An interesting aspect to this conflict is Hamas, because they are putting pressure on Israel, and are sometimes viewed as extremists. The more Hamas is involved in these violence, it makes me wonder if the western world, specifically the U.S., will see this as a an act or form of terrorism against Israel, instead of a conflict that has been recurring for years.

  4. In continuation and agreement of the above comments, the conflict occurring between Israel and Palestine has been ongoing so long that it be shocking to see an end come soon. In my opinion, the disputes between these two groups has little to the with the reasons for other Arab Spring uprisings around the region and rather is directly related to religion. Neither side is likely to give up the fight or back-and-forth anytime soon over their claims to the holy land. Regardless of how many peace deals or brokered agreement occur this area of the world is unlikely it appears to reach any stalemate anytime soon. This case is quite different and independent from cases such as Libya or Syria where the people are directly fighting against the state for better living conditions and freedoms.